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Welcome to SurvivalHow

Let’s talk a little bit about SurvivalHow and Practical Preparedness.

When I say that I mean “Practical”, we will not be teaching you to become an “Army Ranger” or “Navy SEAL”, we will not be teaching any “Advanced Training” here.

I mean “Practical” for the common man, woman, and child. The articles we will be writing, will be geared to the common family, with little to no training or knowledge of self reliance or self preparedness. Not to say that you Rangers and SEALS could not come along for the ride and maybe learn along with us, but most of what we have learned in the military will not be covered here.

Both myself and my brother Rob have both served in the United States Army and as Law Enforcement Officers, we have seen the darker side of life and know what a real “emergency” is. Several of the writers and instructors here have an emergency response background so we have experience in how to react to a real emergency. We are not doctors, lawyers, or government officials. We are not dispensing medical or legal advice, we are only sharing our experience and skills with you, anything you take away from this site and decide to try, you do at your own risk, in short don’t be stupid, if you do it is your own fault. We take no responsibility for your actions, but you should.

We are not endorsed by anyone, we do not claim to be the world’s foremost experts, nor do we expect you to take our word for it. We expect you to take what we say with a grain of salt and do your own research to discover your own truth.

Even the Boy Scouts teach about being prepared, and we all know anything can happen in the world we live in. The fact is the world we live in is a dangerous place, and a simple trip to the store or a fun camping trip could turn deadly at any time, but being prepared might just help.

With that said we do not preach doom and gloom here either, some of the article we write may have content that may be disturbing to some, so read at your own risk. Our articles are meant to be thought provoking and allow you to think on your feet if you are ever in a situation where you have to rely on yourself for survival.